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Find nutrition information on the web!

  • The Special diets page is the "A" list of consumer nutrition links by category.
  • The Fitness and weight loss page will help you find safe weight loss tips.
  • If you have concerns about nutrition and diabetes the Diabetes links will help you!
  • The Webguide page helps you find Wellness and health information webguides.
  • The Nutrient analysis page give lots of great free places to find out about food.
  • The Government page has links to government websites for reliable information.
  • The Recipes page has great sites for finding the best recipes.
  • The books by dietitians page helps you find books written by dietitians

.We hope you enjoy these links and let us know if you find any that are not working.
Thanks for visiting! Cynthia York-Camden registered dietitian.


Safe weight loss
This is information from the National Intitutes of Health, Weight loss Information Network about safe weight loss.

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